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Mon Apr 18 03:58:17 CEST 2016

> is a separate language ***for purely linguistic reasons***. There is
>> **no** question about trying to newly **establish** it as such. There
>> is a question about **recognising** the linguistic fact that it is a
>> separate language.
> Right, so trying to persuade the RA to reverse its decision and issue a
> code element is about getting them to recognize this, to the extent that it
> supersedes the political and diplomatic considerations. It has nothing to
> do with whether failure to issue a code element might hinder development of
> the language.
I understand that the RA (or Unicode) don't want to put themselves in the
position to encode something that does not yet have an established
independent status, or be used as an institute to give such independent
status. However the whole point is of course that Elfdalian already has
such independent status (already for several hundreds of years!). Now as
the RA rejected the application to encode the language they need to
understand the social implications of that; It means they creates obstacles
for development of that language. Just as they should avoid to become and
institute to establish such status they should also avoid become an
institute to undermine such status.
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