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Yes, abl1943 was Brazil's first official orthographic reform. It crystallised most of what we now recognise as Brazilian Portuguese. The preparation work was really interesting: a collection of a lot of the variants existing throughout that huge country. As colb1945 came mostly from the Portuguese reform of 1911, it was seen by some as a loss of independence towards Portugal. It ended up being adopted in 1971. That didn't remove some of the choices made with abl1943, but made both countries' Portuguese closer.

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On 10 April 2015 20:08:17 BST, cowan at wrote:
>João Miguel Neves scripsit:
>> I don't know how this happened, but abl1943 doesn't make sense with
>> prefix other than pt-BR.
>Oh, I confused abl1943 with colb1945.  Was the abl1943 orthography
>used only for text that was Brazilian Portuguese in other respects
>(word choice, second person singular pronouns, etc.)?
>> abl1943 refers to the ortography adopted solely
>> by Brazil between 1943 and 1971. From that point on the official
>> language becomes pt-BR-colb1945.
>> My recommendations for prefixes are either:
>> abl1943: pt-BR
>> colb1945: pt
>> ao1990: pt
>I agree with that.
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