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On 10 Apr 2015, at 19:44, João Miguel Neves <joao at> wrote:

> I don't know how this happened, but abl1943 doesn't make sense with any prefix other than pt-BR. abl1943 refers to the ortography adopted solely by Brazil between 1943 and 1971. From that point on the official language becomes pt-BR-colb1945.

Then it should be pt-BR.

> My recommendations for prefixes are either:
> abl1943: pt-BR
> colb1945: pt
> ao1990: pt
> Otherwise colb1945 and ao1990 should match (the reasoning being that it
> doesn't make sense to have the ao1990 tag without the previous colb1945
> tag). Based on Michael's list, it should be:
> abl1943: pt-BR
> colb1945: pt-BR, pt-CV, pt-PT
> ao1990: pt-BR, pt-CV, pt-PT
> pt-CV-colb1945 would mark the Portuguese ortography used officially from
> the country formation (1975) to the adoption of 1990's "Acordo Ortográfico”.

I don’t follow this. Not without examples of how the orthographies would differ in different places in 1945 vs 1990

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