Adding variant subtag 'erzgeb' for Erzgebirgisch

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I'm sending this again as it did not go through:


Obviously however [vmf] and [sxu] both are Germanic languages, so a prefix of [gem] would not be inaccurate; it would just not be that specific; it would not be fictitious
{oops; I meant 'specific'} 
and it would be fine to use it were there no other prefix available.  However I must defer to you; it would not be that useful in matching.  On the other hand, a prefix of  [de] is specific; using it as a prefix lets users retrieve documents in German when documents in the target language/dialect (Erzgebirgisch) are not available, as I understand things.  This may be linguistically inaccurate, but it is expedient.  Correct me if I am wrong. 
In any case we no longer have to wait on new subtags; we now have two new subtags to choose from; I know nothing about the language and nothing about German; from the evidence I saw at Wikipedia and Ethnologue I think I'd favor [sxu] but maybe that is an inaccurate prefix; I would prefer that the German linguists and speakers hammer this one out.
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Wed Aug 12 04:58:09 CEST 2009 
> CE Whitehead <cewcathar at hotmail dot com> wrote:
>> . . .
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>> And, if there are two variants of Erzgebirgisch, then I do not see why 
>> we would object to having both of the other two prefixes.

> I haven't seen a scrap of evidence that anyone thinks there are two 
> variants of Erzgebirgisch.  Randy made a comment that *if there were* 
> two such variants, then it would be appropriate to have two tags, but he 
> added specifically that he was NOT saying this was so.  Certainly I've 
> never heard Thomas make such a claim.
I believe I said "if."  Sorry if it did not come out sounding that way. Best, C. E. Whiteheadcewcathar at 
>> However, if Thomas Goldammer has only one variant he wants a subtag 
>> registered for, and if he can decide which prefix it should have, then 
>> . . . I am fine with this single prefix.

> I think that is a wise decision.

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