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I suspect that for the application Karen is dealing with, fine-grained distinctions between varieties of Scottish English (or varieties of Scots) is probably not that helpful: generally, the people cataloguing the content and the people retrieving the content aren’t going to know how to tell them apart. I suspect that all she cares about is the difference between heavily-Scottish-accented English (if it isn’t Scots) and mildly-Scottish-accented English.



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Dear Karen

John's solution seems right at this stage of the game.  In the longer term, however, we shall need a system which allows as much accuracy in tagging varieties of speech as in tagging varieties of script.  There are of course wide variations within Scots and within Scottish English, which we are dealing with in our proposals for 639-6 (using 4-letter tags).

David Dalby

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	Karen_Broome at scripsit:
	> I have a film here that has an original language of heavily accented 
	> Scottish English. The actors from the original version dubbed a second 
	> version of the film with less of a Scottish accent (en-GB). If I want to 
	> distinguish the two versions by language and codify the difference between 
	> Scottish English and English English, how can I do this in an 
	> RFC-3066-compatible way?
	If, as I suspect, the original film is in Scots, then sco is an appropriate
	tag.  Standard English with a Scottish accent would be registerable as
	en-gb-scottish, or you could just tag it en in this case.


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