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Thu Oct 20 18:41:35 CEST 2005

Hi David

You wrote to Karen, on the list:

> Dear Karen
> John's solution seems right at this stage of the game.  In the longer
> term,
> however, we shall need a system which allows as much accuracy in tagging
> varieties of speech as in tagging varieties of script.  There are of
> course wide
> variations within Scots and within Scottish English, which we are dealing
> with in
> our proposals for 639-6 (using 4-letter tags).

For the benefit of those on the ietf-languages at list, who probably
don't know about your proposals for 639-6 (using 4-letter tags), could you
pass on to ietf-languages at a URL which would give them more
advance information on this?

Thanks in advance for any useful information


> David Dalby
> Linguasphere Observatory/Linguasphere ICT
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> jcowan at writes:
> Karen_Broome at scripsit:
>> I have a film here that has an original language of heavily accented
>> Scottish English. The actors from the original version dubbed a second
>> version of the film with less of a Scottish accent (en-GB). If I want to
>> distinguish the two versions by language and codify the difference
>> between
>> Scottish English and English English, how can I do this in an
>> RFC-3066-compatible way?
> If, as I suspect, the original film is in Scots, then sco is an
> appropriate
> tag.  Standard English with a Scottish accent would be registerable as
> en-gb-scottish, or you could just tag it en in this case.
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