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From RFC 2560:

4.4.2  CRL References

   It may be desirable for the OCSP responder to indicate the CRL on
   which a revoked or onHold certificate is found. This can be useful
   where OCSP is used between repositories, and also as an auditing
   mechanism. The CRL may be specified by a URL (the URL at which the
   CRL is available), a number (CRL number) or a time (the time at which
   the relevant CRL was created). These extensions will be specified as
   singleExtensions. The identifier for this extension will be id-pkix-
   ocsp-crl, while the value will be CrlID.

   id-pkix-ocsp-crl       OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { id-pkix-ocsp 3 }

   CrlID ::= SEQUENCE {
      crlUrl               [0]     EXPLICIT IA5String OPTIONAL,
      crlNum               [1]     EXPLICIT INTEGER OPTIONAL,
      crlTime              [2]     EXPLICIT GeneralizedTime OPTIONAL }

   For the choice crlUrl, the IA5String will specify the URL at which
   the CRL is available. For crlNum, the INTEGER will specify the value
   of the CRL number extension of the relevant CRL. For crlTime, the
   GeneralizedTime will indicate the time at which the relevant CRL was

URL for further info: http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2560.txt

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