1.3 - ISO Identified Organization

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OID value: 1.3

OID description:
Organizations acknowledged by ISO. These include the US Department of Defense, which covers the IETF OID, the airline association SITA, the European Workshop on Open Systems, and several others. The numbers are the same as those used in assigning the ICDs used in OSI NSAPs, so every organization who has obtained an ICD automatically has the ability to assign OIDs; many won't know that.

A complete list of the ICDs within ISO 6523 can be found at http://www.sdct.itl.nist.gov/~ftp/l8/sc32wg2/ICD-list.htm.
Additions since the last update to this list can be found in correspondence at http://lists.ebxml.org/archives/ebxml-transport/200012/msg00104.html.
(Thanks to wkammerer at foresightcorp.com for the URLs)

The formal contact for the registry is:

        Miss A. M. Wadsworth
        389 Chiswick High Road
        London W4 4AL
        Tel: +44 181 996 7466
        Fax: +44 181 996 7048
	Anna_Wadsworth at bsi.org.uk

The list shows that the first ICD, 2, was assigned in January 1986; number 30 was assigned in September 1991; 60 was assigned in June 1993, and 90 was assigned in July 1995. So the pace of allocation is rising.

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