1.3.6 - US Department of Defense

Submitted by Harald.T.Alvestrand at uninett.no from host aun.uninett.no ( using a WWW entry form. Authorization gave nothing.

OID value: 1.3.6

OID description:
This international (?) organization is significant because it is the parent of the Internet OID.

The original registration shows (in part):

Name of coding system
Name & Address of issuing organization
Defense Communication Agency
1860 Wiehle Ave
Reston VA, 22090-5500

Tel: 703 437-2802
Fax: 703 437-2382

Description of organizations covered by the code
US DOD will assign a sub value to any commands, the bases, or field activities that participates in the DOD OSI network program. The program encompasses all military commands throughout the entire world.
Notes on use of the code
The ICD code forms the initial part of the OSI network addressing and naming tree as depicted in Addendum 2 to ISO 8348.
Date of issue of ICD
February 1988
From this description, it sounds as if the use of the code for OID registry was an unintended side effect of the original registration.

Object identifiers currently registered in DoD documents seem to be assigned under 2.16.840.1.101.2, which seems like a reasonable place to put them.

See also the OID Repository website reference for 1.3.6

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