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The OID was hijacked by the Internet community in RFC 1065, by Marshall Rose and K. McCloghrie. It is rather improbable that anyone will want to change it at this date.

The list below is based on RFC 1155, which seems to be the current version. The authoritative reference on the rest is the Internet Assigned Numbers document, currently RFC 1700. The OIDs assigned are listed on pages 119-126. Directory

Used for the ISODE/PSINet White Pages pilot, and as a root of some further assignments like the NIS Schema OID of RFC 2307. Management Experimental

This arc is, among other things, used to assign OIDs in drafts of SNMP MIBs.
These numbers are then changed before publishing the MIB as an RFC. Private Security

Used for security-related objects, such as Kerberos and GSSAPI. SNMPv2 mail

This identifier was assigned in RFC 1495. The only subassignment known is 1 - mime-mhs.
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