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A string in this syntax is encoded in the UTF-8 form of ISO 10646 (a superset of Unicode). Servers and clients MUST be prepared to receive encodings of arbitrary Unicode characters, including characters not presently assigned to any character set.

For characters in the PrintableString form, the value is encoded as the string value itself.

If it is of the TeletexString form, then the characters are transliterated to their equivalents in UniversalString, and encoded in UTF-8 [9].

If it is of the UniversalString or BMPString forms [10], UTF-8 is used to encode them.

Note: the form of DirectoryString is not indicated in protocol unless the attribute value is carried in binary. Servers which convert to DAP MUST choose an appropriate form. Servers MUST NOT reject values merely because they contain legal Unicode characters outside of the range of printable ASCII.

( DESC 'Directory String' )

URL for further info: http://src.doc.ic.ac.uk/computing/internet/rfc/rfc2252.txt

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