- egpNeighEventTrigger

Generated from OBJECT-TYPE definition found in rfc1213-mib2.asn1

OID value:

OID description:

egpNeighEventTrigger OBJECT-TYPE
              SYNTAX  INTEGER { start(1), stop(2) }
              ACCESS  read-write
              STATUS  mandatory
                      "A control variable used to trigger operator-
                      initiated Start and Stop events.  When read, this
                      variable always returns the most recent value that
                      egpNeighEventTrigger was set to.  If it has not
                      been set since the last initialization of the
                      network management subsystem on the node, it
                      returns a value of `stop'.

                      When set, this variable causes a Start or Stop
                      event on the specified neighbor, as specified on
                      pages 8-10 of RFC 904.  Briefly, a Start event
                      causes an Idle peer to begin neighbor acquisition
                      and a non-Idle peer to reinitiate neighbor
                      acquisition.  A stop event causes a non-Idle peer
                      to return to the Idle state until a Start event
                      occurs, either via egpNeighEventTrigger or
              ::= { egpNeighEntry 15 }

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