- ipRouteMask

Generated from OBJECT-TYPE definition found in rfc1213-mib2.asn1

OID value:

OID description:

              SYNTAX  IpAddress
              ACCESS  read-write
              STATUS  mandatory
                      "Indicate the mask to be logical-ANDed with the
                      destination address before being compared to the
                      value in the ipRouteDest field.  For those systems
                      that do not support arbitrary subnet masks, an
                      agent constructs the value of the ipRouteMask by
                      determining whether the value of the correspondent
                      ipRouteDest field belong to a class-A, B, or C
                      network, and then using one of:

                           mask           network

                      If the value of the ipRouteDest is (a
                      default route), then the mask value is also
              It should be noted that all IP routing
                      subsystems implicitly use this mechanism."
              ::= { ipRouteEntry 11 }

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