- atPhysAddress

Generated from OBJECT-TYPE definition found in rfc1213-mib2.asn1

OID value:

OID description:

atPhysAddress OBJECT-TYPE
              SYNTAX  PhysAddress
              ACCESS  read-write
              STATUS  deprecated
                      "The media-dependent `physical' address.

                      Setting this object to a null string (one of zero
                      length) has the effect of invaliding the
                      corresponding entry in the atTable object.  That
                      is, it effectively dissasociates the interface
                      identified with said entry from the mapping
                      identified with said entry.  It is an
                      implementation-specific matter as to whether the
                      agent removes an invalidated entry from the table.
                      Accordingly, management stations must be prepared
                      to receive tabular information from agents that
                      corresponds to entries not currently in use.
                      Proper interpretation of such entries requires
                      examination of the relevant atPhysAddress object."
              ::= { atEntry 2 }

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