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Generated from OBJECT-TYPE definition found in rfc1213-mib2.asn1

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OID description:

sysServices OBJECT-TYPE
              SYNTAX  INTEGER (0..127)
              ACCESS  read-only
              STATUS  mandatory
                      "A value which indicates the set of services that
                      this entity primarily offers.

                      The value is a sum.  This sum initially takes the
                      value zero, Then, for each layer, L, in the range
                      1 through 7, that this node performs transactions
                      for, 2 raised to (L - 1) is added to the sum.  For
                      example, a node which performs primarily routing
                      functions would have a value of 4 (2^(3-1)).  In
                      contrast, a node which is a host offering
                      application services would have a value of 72
                      (2^(4-1) + 2^(7-1)).  Note that in the context of
                      the Internet suite of protocols, values should be
                      calculated accordingly:

                           layer  functionality
                               1  physical (e.g., repeaters)
                               2  datalink/subnetwork (e.g., bridges)
                               3  internet (e.g., IP gateways)
                               4  end-to-end  (e.g., IP hosts)
                               7  applications (e.g., mail relays)

                      For systems including OSI protocols, layers 5 and
                      6 may also be counted."
              ::= { system 7 }

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