ADs who are also WG chairs

James Seng jseng at
Mon Jun 30 13:59:33 CEST 2003

Let me put it another way:

The current IETF process gives too much power to the wg chairs & IESG so 
a person dual role at wg chair & IESG is likely to be problematic. If 
the process is redesigned, it could be done in such a way that having 
dual role is not a problem.

Note that I dont object documenting the dual role problem specifically.

And we could argue what's the appropriate solution (altho not in this 
forum) but the answer is not neccessary the simplistic rule of "no 
person shall be wg chair and IESG at the same time".

-James Seng

Keith Moore wrote:
> ] While I dont disagree we should document the problem of IESG dual role 
> ] as WG chairs, we should be aware that it is a secondary problem resulted 
> ] from the power granted to the WG chairs & IESG, ie. it is a problem of 
> ] balance of power.
> Seems like you could describe almost any problem as a balance of power
> problem.  For instance, the global pollution problem is caused by too much
> power being concentrated in the hands of those who pollute and too little
> power being concentrated in the hands of those who wish to protect the
> environment.
> But I don't see how this illuminates an understanding of the problems of ADs
> also being WG chairs.

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