ADs who are also WG chairs

Harald Tveit Alvestrand harald at
Sat Jun 28 11:30:11 CEST 2003

--On 27. juni 2003 12:29 -0700 Vach Kompella <vkompella at> wrote:

> The problem statement is more about whether the following are perceived
> to be issues or not:
>  - pursuing an individual draft within a WG that one co-chairs
>  - co-chairing a WG that one oversees as an AD
> I'd see the former as less of an issue, and recusal is adequate.  The
> second is a bigger issue.

This may not be a problem, because we've already dealt with the potential...
I think the IESG has avoided the situation of direct oversight of one's 
"own" WG.

I don't think we have any WG where the responsible AD is also chairing the 
WG. We've had some group where the chair is also an AD in the same area, 
but in that case (I can think of only one), the other AD has acted as 
responsible AD for the WG.

(One exception: TSVWG is chartered as a WG, but is chaired by both ADs of 
the transport area - it functions more as an area forum than as a 
standalone working group. I wouldn't want to attempt to change that!)

We've become more strident over the last year in trying to find alternative 
chairs for WGs where the chair becomes an AD; I think (but can't check - 
I'm in flight) the latest set of ADs have managed to shed all their WG 
chair jobs by now.

(and btw - thanks to all those who stepped up when asked, both in these 
cases and in the many other cases where a chair has been needed - the IETF 
is totally dependent on people willing and able to be WG chairs!)


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