Issue tracking tool

Melinda Shore mshore at
Mon Jun 2 13:47:13 CEST 2003

We've now got an issue tracking tool up and running and
available for perusal at  It does
require a login, which for IETF participants is user "ietf"
with password "ietf".  A general introduction is at (note that the protocol is "http", while
that for the login is "https").  Our ticket queues are
problem-statement, problem-process, and problem-other.  

This is new to us, too, and so we'll be creating new tickets
as we identify new issues.  These issues are intended to be
narrowly-defined and scoped - resolvable, in other words.
In addition to using it to track unresolved issues, we'll
also be using the issue tracker as a tool for focusing
discussion.  Please take a look, and check back regularly.


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