WG Quality Processes WG

Keith Moore moore at cs.utk.edu
Mon Jun 2 17:11:09 CEST 2003

> It takes a good deal of time, though, to put together
> a reasonable BOF request, and compared to that, the
> time to get the BOF approved by the IESG has been
> trivial (in my experience).

well of course some BOF requests are no-brainers 
(yep, that's obviously a good idea, shouldn't be too controversial,
make it so)

and others aren't
(gee, do we really want to open *that* pandora's box?)
(this seems to encompass multiple areas, how do we coordinate?)
(is this even in scope for IETF at all?)
(haven't we had 2 BOFs on this topic already?  why do we think we'll get
better results this time?)

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