Issue tracking tool

Harald Tveit Alvestrand harald at
Tue Jun 3 11:33:46 CEST 2003


what protocol do you want to use when participants want to raise issues to 
be tracked?

should we send a message to the mailing list with "NEW ISSUE:" in the 
subject and have the chairs/editors enter the ticket, should we log in as 
"ietf" on the tracker and create it ourselves, should we send mail to the 
tracker to create tickets, should we ask the maintainers for a login to 
create tickets, or shold we do something different?

Any of the above (and probably a dozen other ways) would work for me - but 
I want this to be as simple as possible for you - your call!


--On mandag, juni 02, 2003 12:47:13 -0400 Melinda Shore <mshore at> 

> We've now got an issue tracking tool up and running and
> available for perusal at  It does
> require a login, which for IETF participants is user "ietf"
> with password "ietf".  A general introduction is at
> (note that the protocol is "http", while
> that for the login is "https").  Our ticket queues are
> problem-statement, problem-process, and problem-other.
> This is new to us, too, and so we'll be creating new tickets
> as we identify new issues.  These issues are intended to be
> narrowly-defined and scoped - resolvable, in other words.
> In addition to using it to track unresolved issues, we'll
> also be using the issue tracker as a tool for focusing
> discussion.  Please take a look, and check back regularly.
> Melinda

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