Solicitation for agenda items

Marc Blanchet Marc.Blanchet at
Thu Jan 30 16:59:29 CET 2003

I wrote a draft (draft-blanchet-evolutionizeietf-suggestions-xx.txt , which
had some problem statements and possible solutions. It has been discussed
some time ago on the mailing list. I can continue to work on it if people
are interested. I could also do a presentation if the group/chairs think it
is useful. 


-- jeudi, janvier 30, 2003 10:23:22 -0500 Melinda Shore <mshore at>
wrote/a écrit:

> We're starting to put together the agenda for the March
> meeting and are soliciting agenda items.  If you have a
> topic you feel needs to be addressed, or would like an
> agenda slot yourself, please let us know.
> Thanks,
> Melinda

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