Solicitation for agenda items

John C Klensin john-ietf at
Thu Jan 30 16:43:22 CET 2003

--On Thursday, 30 January, 2003 10:23 -0500 Melinda Shore 
<mshore at> wrote:

> We're starting to put together the agenda for the March
> meeting and are soliciting agenda items.  If you have a
> topic you feel needs to be addressed, or would like an
> agenda slot yourself, please let us know.


Given an ongoing discussion on the IETF list that has provided a 
working example of concerns expressed in Atlanta and on the 
list, I'd like to make sure the general topic of how far the 
IESG can go in expanding authority given it in 2026 --at least 
without getting clear community consensus for the expansion-- 
makes it onto the agenda.

Stated as a problem: "It is believed by some people in the 
community that the IESG (or various ADs) are abusing their 
authority by taking actions not permitted by the procedures 
documents, holding things up for which they have no authority to 
do so, etc.  Some feel that the IESG acts as if they are free to 
do anything not explicitly prohibited.  Not having these issues 
clarified has, several times, spawned misunderstandings and 
sometimes other problems."


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