Complex Problems

Margaret Wasserman mrw at
Mon Jan 6 19:00:43 CET 2003

Hi Bob,

I agree that we can and should attempt to break complex
problems into smaller problems.  However, it may not
always make sense (or even be possible) to charter a
WG to do the problem decomposition.

> > And, there are some complex problems, such as the
> > scalability and security of the Internet that I don't
> > think we should ignore.
>I agree...and those kinds of problems are where
>increased proactive leadership (from the IAB, IESG,
>and WG chairs) is needed, IMHO.

Yes.  And, I think that these are the types of problems
that might call for a different structure (some type
of directorate, sub-area or whatever), as Harald mentioned
in his message.


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