Complex Problems

Marshall Rose mrose at
Mon Jan 6 16:32:30 CET 2003

> I agree that we can and should attempt to break complex
> problems into smaller problems.  However, it may not
> always make sense (or even be possible) to charter a
> WG to do the problem decomposition.

hi. let's ask a simple question:

    do we think it is appropriate for the ietf to *begin* work on
    complex problems?
the emphasis, of course, is on the word "begin".
what i would like folks to consider is whether it is better for some other
organization, e.g., the irtf, the w3c, an industry group, etc., to do the
initial legwork, make the first set of mistakes, etc., and then come to the ietf
with an architecture and a taxonomy that allows us to do the divide-and-conquer
strategy which tends to work well for us...


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