General comment on draft-ietf-problem-statement-00.txt

RJ Atkinson rja at
Fri Feb 28 10:30:39 CET 2003

On Friday, Feb 28, 2003, at 10:22 America/Montreal, Keith Moore wrote:
> I'll respond in detail to the draft later.  But my impression is that
> this draft is just a start - it contains some serious 
> mis-characterizations
> and omissions that aren't likely to be fixed in a single revision.  
> I'm all
> for finishing this WG quickly, but I do think we need to be sure that 
> we
> have a good understanding of the problems before we try to work on 
> solutions.
> Keith


	Sorry, but that is just NOT helpful.

	If you have issues, please take the time to put them on the table
and please try to do so within a reasonable timeframe.  If you don't
put specific concerns on the table, the editor of the draft has zero 
of responding to them and the WG as a whole has zero chance to review
and comment on those concerns.

	And responding to this note to the list with anything other than 
issues also would not be helpful.


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