My thoughts about the problems of the IETF

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I see your issue.  Won't respond in depth further as it will end up in
If one is not working for large vendor the cost is hard I understand
(and even now vendors are in pain so that will happen there too) so we
always need exception for sure.
Personally I feel the IETF meetings are mandatory for any ongoing work
and missing them can be catastraphic for discussion of new "seeds" in a
technology area, to not be part of the in person discussion in the
meetings and out of the meetings even for brief encounters where perls
of wisdom begin at the idea larvae stage.  But that is just my view and
probably extreme.

I just don't want Joe Blow or Mary Fantasy who had some great ideas or
whatever 5 years ago and not engaged in the IETF jaundra technology
spectrum sitting on critical review committees for our architecture or
important focused detailed specs.  Its like having a doctor advise me
who has not kept up with the latest medical journals, conferences, and
new ideas giving me advice for life or death decision.  


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> >>>>> Bound, Jim writes:
> Jim> I agree 100%.  But being an expert and not attending meetings is 
> Jim> not good is all I should have said and been more clear.
> Jim> But there is a difference between one who comes to 
> meetings and is 
> Jim> engaged and clueful and those who are engaged and clueful who do 
> Jim> not come to meetings.  Coming to meetings is a demonstration of 
> Jim> commitment and why we have this rule for nomcom process too.
> While I see your reasoning, I have to remind you that making 
> overseas trips for just one or two working group meetings 
> with a total of 5-6 meeting hours is quite some financial and 
> time investment. Such trips to IETF meetings in my view only 
> pay off if you can either contribute to multiple working 
> groups or if a particular working group is doing serious work 
> outside the working group meeting.
> /js
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