My thoughts about the problems of the IETF

James Kempf kempf at
Thu Apr 17 14:14:34 CEST 2003

> Scott> if the AD says that and the WG specifically has consensus a
> Scott> way that it would be a process violation to override the WG
> Even  if  the  WG is  just  an  "ignorant  mob",  to paraphrase  a
> contributor to  this list ;-)  If someone mounted  an appeal on  the
> that  the AD  had  ignored WG  consensus, the  AD  would just  pull
out  the
> "danger-to-the-net" excuse.

Right, but if the WG mounts an appeal, it must first be heard by the
whole IESG and the AD's fellow IESG members might not agree.  And even
if the IESG denies the appeal, it  is not a forgone conclusion that the
IAB will be of the same opinion as the IESG. The appeals process was
designed for exactly this case.


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