My thoughts about the problems of the IETF

Eric Rosen erosen at
Thu Apr 17 17:02:58 CEST 2003

Scott> if a  AD/IESG pushback  to a WG  for a security  or danger-to-the-net
Scott> issue can not get WG consus to fix then we are in a pile of problem 

The problem here  is that "danger-to-the-net" is often  a matter of opinion,
not  purely a technical  issue.  Some  people wield  the "danger-to-the-net"
slogan  the way  Nixon  wielded "national  security",  to try  to shut  down
anything they don't approve of for one reason or another. 

Scott> if the AD says that and the WG specifically has consensus a different
Scott> way that it would be a process violation to override the WG consensus 

Even  if  the  WG is  just  an  "ignorant  mob",  to paraphrase  a  frequent
contributor to  this list ;-)  If someone mounted  an appeal on  the grounds
that  the AD  had  ignored WG  consensus, the  AD  would just  pull out  the
"danger-to-the-net" excuse. 

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