My thoughts about the problems of the IETF

Scott Bradner sob at
Thu Apr 17 17:11:33 CEST 2003

> the  AD  would just  pull out  the "danger-to-the-net" excuse.

yup - the AD could do that, I do not expect that AD would be able 
to pull that all that often w/o community support before
an appeal would be successuful

I will admit to pulling out soem of the danger-to-the-net excuses
when I thought that was the case (e.g., a firehose w/o congestion control
a year or so ago) but if I did this w/o being able to get support
for my position it would not be able to hold for long

in any case, I think the particular issue is more theoretical than real
if someone feels that an AD (or the IESG) is running roughshod over 
a WG - appeal it, and make sure the appeal is very public


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