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Mon Apr 7 13:36:47 CEST 2003


>> MS> that isn't the problem he's looking at.  Dave said that may
>> MS> be theoretically true, but isn't this a test for working
>> MS> groups getting formed?

>> Unfortunately, I do not understand the above summary of my interaction
>> with Ted.
>> My general point was that the ability of a working group to make
>> progress is the test of its viability. If it cannot make progress, it is
>> not viable. The mere fact of better bookkeeping -- signing up people's
>> names -- does not alter actual work done.

MS> My recollection of what was actually said at the time is
MS> that you were pointing out that identification of some
MS> responsible individuals is a prerequisite for working group
MS> formation in the first place, and that comment was made in
MS> the context you describe.

I apologize for having such a poor memory for details.  Otherwise I
could provide a more direct quotation.

y best guess is that I was saying that "demonstration of sufficient
community interest to do the work" is a prerequisite for forming a
working group.

That sounds fuzzier, I know, but it is actually the language that has
been used for about 10 years to describe one of the criteria form
validating working group formation. (Think of it as a kind of rough
consensus process about support.)

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