Draft minutes from San Francisco

Melinda Shore mshore at cisco.com
Mon Apr 7 18:01:47 CEST 2003

> That sounds fuzzier, I know, but it is actually the language that has
> been used for about 10 years to describe one of the criteria form
> validating working group formation. (Think of it as a kind of rough
> consensus process about support.)

Because the minutes are for recording what was actually
said, I'd rather distill it from the notes and transcripts.
I've gone back to the jabber transcript - how does this

Dave Crocker said that we have people who consume resources
but don't help make progress.  Ted said that may be true but
that isn't the problem he's looking at.  Dave replied that
the working group isn't real if people don't show up and do
work, and that what Ted is saying is reasonable but
represents a different philosophical or strategic difference
from what the IETF ought to be.  


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