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MS> Working Group Participation and the "Stuckee Problem" - Ted Hardie

MS> The discussion is abstracted from and I-D that's
MS> solutions-based.  The IETF working style of an Open working
MS> group on mailing lists has produced successful results, but
MS> making a comment doesn't mean you're taking responsibility
MS> for doing work.  It's difficult to make anyone other than WG
MS> chairs and current authors accountable.  The problem is how
MS> to track commitment without breaking openness and shutting
MS> out outside review.

MS> Dave Crocker said that we have people who consume resources
MS> but don't help make process.  Ted said that may be true but

perhaps the word is supposed to be "progress" rather than "process"?

MS> that isn't the problem he's looking at.  Dave said that may
MS> be theoretically true, but isn't this a test for working
MS> groups getting formed?

Unfortunately, I do not understand the above summary of my interaction
with Ted.

My general point was that the ability of a working group to make
progress is the test of its viability. If it cannot make progress, it is
not viable. The mere fact of better bookkeeping -- signing up people's
names -- does not alter actual work done.

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