"Fransin" simplified orthography for French

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Never heard about it before.

An actual use of a simplified orthography was the Grammont's one, in the
first half of the XXth century. Jules Ronjat's huge "Grammaire istorique
des parlers provençaux modernes" (1930-1941) was printed with this system
(suppression of most unuseful "h" and replacement of "y" by "i").


Jean-François BLANC

2017-02-11 20:04 GMT+01:00 Doug Ewell <doug at ewellic.org>:

> I am forwarding this information to the list as a service to the
> requester, Pierre Paillé. I'm expecting that he will join this list shortly
> to participate in any discussion that follows.
> Briefly, the request is for a variant subtag to represent a simplified
> orthography for French. It's not clear yet whether this system is actually
> in use by anyone other than the inventors, which of course is important.
> The references to ‘ffs’ can be ignored here; they have to do with the fact
> that Pierre originally proposed this to ISO 639-3/RA as a language code
> element. Obviously if it is approved here as a variant, the subtag value
> would have to fit length constraints, and in fact ‘fransin’ seems
> reasonable.
> Pierre's original request was in rich text, and included nice tables and
> formatting, but unfortunately went well over 100 kB and thus could not be
> posted to this list. The nicely formatted version (in French) can be found
> at the web site noted at the top of the post.
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> Doug Ewell | Thornton, CO, US | ewellic.org

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