request for subtag for Elfdalian

Doug Ewell doug at
Fri Jan 22 18:12:36 CET 2016

Kent Karlsson wrote:

> [...] The request for a code for älvdalian, however, is different. It
> should have been accepted. It is genuinely different from (standard)
> Swedish to a great extent. [...]

The CR_Comments document that Mats referenced includes a great deal of
helpful perspective that Kent's statement glosses over. It is really,
truly not as simple as that, from the RA's standpoint.

I don't have an objection to registering a variant for whatever this is,
language or dialect, though we at least ought to try to agree on its
name. If a 639-3 code element is registered in the future and we have to
deprecate the variant, it won't be the first time; life will go on.

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