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Den 2015-09-15 02:18, skrev "Peter Constable" <petercon at>:

> I have no problem with wanting to use a language tag to declare ³this is a
> simplified variant² (relative to some other document that doesn¹t have that).
There is no need to refer to another "non-simple" variant *document*. The
"simplified language" document (radio program, ...) may be quite separate
from any other document (or radio program or whatever).

> But before proceeding with anything along this line, I think I¹d want to see
> some input from linguistic experts that are dealing with this area generally ‹
> and by that, I don¹t someone working just on accessibility. Content may be
> authored using controlled language in a variety of contexts for a variety of
> reasons. 
Going for "controlled language" I think is a non-starter for a general
variant (as requested). Very few languages will have any *controlled*
variant defined. Any variant tag for this will have to much more informal.
(I still think the A1-C2 levels in CEF may be of interest.)

/Kent K

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