Registration request for new subtags for Portuguese orthographies

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If the big concern is what ao1990 might mean for a Brazilian user, then pt-PT as a prefix may meet the needs of those for whom Andrew was requesting. But as Doug points out, it rules out users in Angola, Mozambique and East Timor who might also want to use ao1990 (most of whom wouldn't know how to make their preference supported in valid tags). And as Luc has pointed out, the only thing it provides is eliminating a hypothetical concern.

So, I could live with "Prefix: pt-PT", but I really think it would be an unnecessary and unfortunate limitation.


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I can live with "Prefix: pt-PT", at least for now.

I didn't get the sense that this variant was only expected to modify Portuguese Portuguese, and not Brazilian or Angolan or Mozambican Portuguese, either in the short or long term. I also don't think we should take it upon ourselves to track ratification of the reform in various countries, or try to judge which users of Portuguese are "really" adopting the changes, and to what extent.

However, as several have pointed out, we can always start with "pt-PT"
and add more prefixes over time:

Prefix: pt-PT
Prefix: pt-BR
Prefix: pt-AO
Prefix: pt-MZ

or, one day, replace them all with:

Prefix: pt

I'm not optimistic about the chances that people will want to go through this wringer again to add more prefixes, but at least registering 'ao1990' with "pt-PT" will solve the immediate needs as stated by multiple participants.

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