Simple: Language Subtag Registration

Doug Ewell doug at
Mon Dec 14 21:47:34 CET 2015

Luc Pardon wrote:

> This could be addressed by stating that the "additional subtag" must
> have the root language + "simple" as its prefix.
> E.g.:
> Subtag: newspeak
> Prefix: en-simple

I believe this is everybody's intent.

For what it's worth, the registration form for 'hepburn' said:

"If for particular purposes a need arises to tag specific, well-defined
subvariants of Hepburn, they can be added in future."

without reiterating how such a tag would be built, since this is
basically already described in BCP 47. But it would be harmless to
change the present text to "Additional subtags may be registered *for
use with 'simple'* to indicate specific varieties if necessary."

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