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Doug Ewell doug at
Tue Sep 24 00:16:24 CEST 2013

Gordon P. Hemsley <gphemsley at gmail dot com> wrote:

> Maybe others disagree, but it doesn't seem right to me to introduce a
> subtag for a script that is not yet in Unicode. Is there precedent for
> that?

Just to be clear on the terminology, this is a request for a variant
subtag, not a script subtag.

So to the extent that precedent for adding something not in Unicode to
the BCP 47 Registry is relevant, which I'm not at all certain of -- you
could use a BCP 47 tag for a physical book, or a JPEG image of a relic
-- the comparison would be to existing variant subtags, not to existing
script subtags.

> These images demonstrate the alphabet, including a number of
> characters unique to Unifon (i.e. not just traditional Latin script):

'fonipa' and 'fonupa' also represent Latin variants that include
characters unique to themselves. I don't know if all of UPA is covered
in Unicode, though I'm sure Michael does.

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