Language tag too specific

John Cowan cowan at
Fri Mar 15 18:26:30 CET 2013

Mark Davis ☕ scripsit:

> "titles" :
>            {
>                "en" : "The Magical Theater of Bob",
>                "fr" : "Le Théâtre Magique de Bob"
>            }

Less than half of all anglophones will like that less than half as well
as it might deserve, abstractly considered.  How about this?

"titles" : 
                "en-us" : "The Magical Theater of Bob",
                "en" : "The magical theatre of Bob",
                "fr" : "Le théâtre magique de Bob"

In that way, all non-Yank anglophones get the right answers for them.
Of course, you can't always count on such a piece of luck.

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The native charset of SMS messages supports English, French, mainland
Scandinavian languages, German, Italian, Spanish with no accents, and
GREEK SHOUTING.  Everything else has to be Unicode, which means you get
only 70 16-bit characters in a text instead of 160 7-bit characters.

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