Fourth batch of ISO 639-3 modifications

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Hi once more.

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> CE Whitehead <cewcathar at hotmail dot com> wrote:
> > Doug,  one more question: why is "Dhangu" retained as an additional
> > name for code element 'dhg'??
> > There is nothing in the ISO change  file to say it should be retained
> > (see Change Request # 2012-047 in the .pdf file
> >,
> > nor in the original change request:
> >
> That's correct. This is because, again, the data files are the normative
> source for ISO 639-3 data, not the change request forms (which may
> contain requests that are not accepted by the RA), and not the Summary
> of Outcomes PDF document (which may contain errors or omissions).
> The file (formerly called
> contains:
> dhg				I	L	Djangu	
> which means "Djangu" is the reference name (for an Individual Living
> language). And the file (formerly called
> contains:
> dhg	Dhangu	Dhangu
> dhg	Djangu	Djangu
> which means "Dhangu" is an alternate name.
Thanks. Sometime when my computer is not hanging up so much (or when I have a new one with more memory) I will look at these.
Sorry I could not be of more help.
> I am beginning to think it was a mistake to include a link to the
> original change request in each registration form, since it seems to be
> giving the impression that the change requests are authoritative in some
> way. They are input to the RA's process, but not to ours. They are
> interesting as background material on the language(s) involved. Next
> year I will try to make the roles of the various documents more clear.
I think the change request link is helpful, though it can cause confusion. And I think that you've made the role of the various documents clear on the list by this point (perhaps someday an update to  RFC 5646 section 3.5 or perhaps a note a "How to Register a New Subtag" might be in order; but I think I am the only one on the list who has expressed confusion).
> > (Sorry to ask another such question; since I am still unsure where the
> > data files are, maybe they differ again from the .pdf)
> > (I still may look over the fourth, fifth, and sixth batches of subtag
> > modifications a bit more but have been through most everything now;
> > which is a good feeling, as just reading through these is tedious. )
> Imagine preparing them.
That must have taken some time.

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