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Sat Jan 14 11:45:12 CET 2012

Still discussing Volapük... Other options would be:


where "vbuk" = "vödabuk" and the references are to Schleyer's 4th edition and to de Jong's 6th edition. (Schleyer wrote 5 editions:

1882 2nd edition
1884 3rd edition
1888 4th edition (648 pp)
1897 5th edition (unfinished: 224 pages, only from "a" to "back")

I am not sure when the 1st edition was.)

This format has often been used for subtags:

1606nict (Late Middle French to 1606) - added 2007-03-20
1694acad (Early Modern French) - added 2007-03-20
baku1926 (Unified Turkic Latin Alphabet) - added 2007-04-18
1959acad (Academic/Governmantal Belarusian) - added 2008-09-30
petr1708 (Russian orthography 1708-1917) - added 2010-10-10
luna1918 (Russian orthography post-1917) - added 2010-10-10

So either vbuk1931 or 1931vbuk would probably be fine. More precise than rigik/nulik or jleyer/dejong. On the other hand, perhaps slightly less mnemonic.

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