gender voice variants

Phillips, Addison addison at
Thu Dec 20 01:09:49 CET 2012

> > Per my other posts, while the notion of grammatical gender can be more
> > complex in languages such as Luganda (Bantu languages are prime
> > examples of such complexity), I think these distinctions can be ruled
> > as out of scope for language tags since I don't think there's a good
> > use case for capturing grammatical gender distinctions in language
> > tags.
> But I thought the original use case that sparked this whole discussion was to
> capture the distinction between a male voice saying "In one-half mile, turn left
> onto Colfax Avenue" and a female voice saying the same thing. Isn't that even
> less of a taggable distinction than when the words change?

That's had me confused also: I think there is a significant distinction between "text as spoken *by* a (fe)male [voice]" and "text as spoken *to* a (fe)male [person]". Most of this thread seems to have gone into identifying the latter (a distinction I tend to solve in a different way, but which does identify actual content variation). The former really isn't a good target for this?


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