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I agree with Luc that if this language is being used, it merits a subtag, whatever anyone thinks of this particular reform.

That said, given all the discussion, I think we could try to add an additional reference/citation somewhere, though the authoritative reference could remain as is; but you could add a note (under additional information, or as a second reference; someone who knew Portuguese and the situation might add a brief comment saying, for example, that in addition to the published description, Novo Dicionario defines as of 2009 contains vocabulary for Brazil, whereas ? contains vocabulary for Portugal; that is a long comment however so might need to go under additional information).

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Thu Sep 15 12:04:07 CEST 2011 

> First of all, thank you all for the feedback. I learned a lot more than
> I was expecting, which is great.

> This is the first of two emails (one for 1990aolp and one for 1945colb).
> I also have a template prepared for 1911buo, but I'll wait until
> something closer to a consensus is reached on its need (Francisco,
> António: I've sent you the template directly, feel free to submit to the
> list whenever you feel it makes sense). Changes from previous submissions:

> * Variant tag name changes as a result of the discussion.
> * The acor1971 was replaced by 1945colb (as I learned the difference of
> a major language reform).
> * References where provided by Francisco and António.

> Francisco, António - I didn't credit you on the 1990aolp submission
> given your opposition to the references used. If I assumed too much just
> say and I will gladly change that.

> So here's the (hopefully final) proposal:

 > 1. Name of requester: João Miguel Neves
 > 2. E-mail address of requester: joao at
 > 3. Record Requested:

    > Type: variant
    > Subtag: 1990aolp
    > Description: Portuguese orthography based on 1990 agreement.
    > Prefix: pt
    > Comments: Portuguese orthography as defined by an international
      > agreement signed in 1990 and implemented from 2009

 > 4. Intended meaning of the subtag:

> This variant subtag is intended to apply to text that uses the modern
> Portuguese orthography introduced in an international agreement signed
> in 1990 and implemented from 2009.

 > 5. Reference to published description
 > of the language (book or article):

> The full text of the Agreement (Acordo Ortográfico da Língua
> Portuguesa (1990)) as part of the Portuguese Parliament Resolution
> n. 26/91:

> The official vocabulary is at
> as defined by the Minister's Council Resolution n. 8/2011:

What might be nice given all the dispute might be a citation of at least one additonal commercially available dictionary of this,
and/or a short text in this version (perhaps we could have also some sample texts for the [1945colb] variant, one text produced in Portugal, one in Brazil).

Anyone want to suggest dictionaries or sample texts (it would be nice to have the whole text but I think we can take a citation)?   (Sorry I cannot  
(A google search returned the following:ário_Aurélio_da_Língua_Portuguesa
Novo Dicionario da lingua Portuguesa 2009
Brazilian Portuguese; so you would still need a reference for Portuguese Portuguese I think;
Dicionaria Priberam,
which advertises itself:

"a consulta de mais de 105.000 entradas; 
o uso da ortografia com ou sem o Acordo Ortográfico de 1990; 
a selecção entre a variedade de português de Portugal ou do Brasil."

Thus something like one of these may do but I don't know what I am doing; you need a Portuguese scholar)

(Other notes: though I would like citations of some sample texts for it, the [1945colb] variant registration seems ready to go; I don't want to hold up this one either; but I do personally like links to sample texts.)


--C. E. Whitehead
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