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I agree with Doug on this subject. Although this specific case may be 
harmless, we don't want to develop the registry to contain political 

Regards,   Martin.

On 2010/12/24 6:18, Doug Ewell wrote:
> I'm waiting to see if anyone else besides Kent supports adding a
> Comments field to the new 'BQ' region subtag to note that Bonaire, Saint
> Eustatius and Saba are politically part of the Netherlands, before
> making any changes to my proposed record and registration form. At this
> time, I'm opposed to adding such a comment for the following reasons:
> 1. The closest of these islands is about 7,000 km from the Netherlands.
> It seems unlikely that identification (tagging) of any of the languages
> most commonly spoken on these islands (Dutch, Papiamento, English) would
> benefit noticeably from the observation that the islands belong to the
> Netherlands. (Would it imply, for example, that Dutch as used in Bonaire
> bears a relationship to Dutch as used in the Netherlands, in a way that
> Dutch as used in Belgium does not?)
> 2. There are many region subtags in the Registry which represent
> entities which are politically part of other entities. American Samoa is
> a territory of the United States; Greenland is an autonomous country
> within Denmark; the Falkland Islands are British, though Argentina sees
> things differently. We do not attempt to record all relationships of
> this sort in the Registry; that is better left to the many available
> encyclopedic references.
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