Adding a comment to BQ about relationship to NL

Doug Ewell doug at
Thu Dec 23 22:18:13 CET 2010

I'm waiting to see if anyone else besides Kent supports adding a 
Comments field to the new 'BQ' region subtag to note that Bonaire, Saint 
Eustatius and Saba are politically part of the Netherlands, before 
making any changes to my proposed record and registration form.  At this 
time, I'm opposed to adding such a comment for the following reasons:

1.  The closest of these islands is about 7,000 km from the Netherlands. 
It seems unlikely that identification (tagging) of any of the languages 
most commonly spoken on these islands (Dutch, Papiamento, English) would 
benefit noticeably from the observation that the islands belong to the 
Netherlands.  (Would it imply, for example, that Dutch as used in 
Bonaire bears a relationship to Dutch as used in the Netherlands, in a 
way that Dutch as used in Belgium does not?)

2.  There are many region subtags in the Registry which represent 
entities which are politically part of other entities.  American Samoa 
is a territory of the United States; Greenland is an autonomous country 
within Denmark; the Falkland Islands are British, though Argentina sees 
things differently.  We do not attempt to record all relationships of 
this sort in the Registry; that is better left to the many available 
encyclopedic references.

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