Variant request: Japanese modified Hepburn

Doug Ewell doug at
Wed Sep 2 04:37:45 CEST 2009

CE Whitehead <cewcathar at hotmail dot com> wrote:

>> I don't get the sense that it would serve Frank's needs to register 
>> separate subtags for traditional vs. revised vs. modified Hepburn. 
>> If someone has a concrete need for that, I suggest we consider 
>> second-level variants to capture that level of detail, so that 
>> "ja-Latn-hepburn" would still be available.
> One note:  it seems that Frank Bennett has requested a subtag for 
> revised Hepburn only?  Is that correct? (I don't see any problem with 
> this; but the name hepburn will thus not be available if someone later 
> wishes to distinguish one of the other 'flavors,' for whatever 
> reason.)

You didn't read what I wrote about "second-level variants," though you 
quoted it.  These would have "ja-Latn-hepburn" as their Prefix, and 
would work just the same as the Resian variants that have other variants 
in their Prefix.

Here is a summary of the hierarchy for Japanese:


- Japanese; if written, assumed to be in native Japanese writing
  system "Jpan" because of Suppress-Script


- Japanese written in Latin script, romanization method unspecified


- Japanese written in the Hepburn romanization, flavor unspecified
  (which is probably enough information most of the time)


- Japanese written in the Revised Hepburn romanization


- Japanese written in the Traditional Hepburn romanization


- Japanese written in the Extended Hepburn romanization

Of course, the last three subtags (hepvar, heptrad, hepext) are just 
possible suggestions, and there is no sign that anyone needs to make 
those distinctions anyway.  They're just here to illustrate the point.

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