Changes in ISO 639-2 collection code elements

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I guess this makes the "639-2" column in the four ISO 639-5 tables outdated:{id,en,fr,hier}.php. That would go for
ISO 639-5's Annex A also:

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Den 2009-03-17 04.45, skrev "Doug Ewell" <doug at>:

> Several of the ISO 639-2 code elements that represent collections of
languages have had their names changed recently to match the ISO 639-3

These changes represent a broadening of the meaning of these code
elements, so that they represent complete groups and not what ISO 639-5
calls "remainder groups."  For example, the description for 'art' has 
> changed from "Artificial (Other)" to "Artificial languages," so it 
> encompasses languages like Esperanto and Ido that have their own 
> element.

You can see the changes on the ISO 639-2/RA "Change Notice" page at
> .

These changes
> were not announced on this list, as previous ISO 639-2 
changes had been, and
> for some reason WatchThatPage also did not alert 
me to them.  I just learned
> about them in the past few days.

Proposed registration forms and revisions to
> the existing records will 
be sent to this list soon.

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