Changes in ISO 639-2 collection code elements

Doug Ewell doug at
Tue Mar 17 04:45:19 CET 2009

Several of the ISO 639-2 code elements that represent collections of 
languages have had their names changed recently to match the ISO 639-3 

These changes represent a broadening of the meaning of these code 
elements, so that they represent complete groups and not what ISO 639-5 
calls "remainder groups."  For example, the description for 'art' has 
been changed from "Artificial (Other)" to "Artificial languages," so it 
now encompasses languages like Esperanto and Ido that have their own 
code element.

You can see the changes on the ISO 639-2/RA "Change Notice" page at .

These changes were not announced on this list, as previous ISO 639-2 
changes had been, and for some reason WatchThatPage also did not alert 
me to them.  I just learned about them in the past few days.

Proposed registration forms and revisions to the existing records will 
be sent to this list soon.

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