Valencian Language Tag registration request

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Thu Jun 18 18:49:29 CEST 2009

Hi -

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> Subject: Re: Valencian Language Tag registration request
> Another main reason to request the tag is law. Valencian is recogniced
> as the language spoken in the Valencian region at its own law, at the
> Spanish national law and of course, at the European law which all
> consider it to be a language by itself.

Doesn't matter.  Whether Valencian has a subtag (to distinguish it from
other varieties of Catalan) has no bearing whatsoever on what you call
it in your software's user interface.  All we define here is the subtags
for machine-to-machine communication.  *You* decide how to present
the information to the user.

The existence of two standardized orthographies makes a good case
for distinguishing at least two varieties of Catalan, but from a language
tagging perspective, it's also pretty clear to me that the distinction would
be best conveyed through the use of subtags rather than giving them
different primary language tags.


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