Suggestion: registration of variant subtags for Aluku, Ndyuka, and Pamaka (Suriname/French Guiana English-based Creoles)

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Hi, Addison, all.Didn't we finally agree to hold off acting on 'erzgeb' until 'sxu' was listed in the subtag registry--that is aren't we waiting on the publication of the updated RFC 4646 to act on that variant request too?
"Unfortunately, that means the request must wait for formalapproval until after the next revision of BCP 47, as we do not yetactually support ISO 639-3 code elements as language subtags.Informally, though, there's no reason why you shouldn't start usingsxu-erzgeb right away."
Also see:
Correct me if I'm wrong but I do not remember finally registering 'erzgeb' as a variant. So just as for Aluku, Ndyuka, and Pamaka, registration of 'erzgeb' is still to be discussed down the road, upon the publication of  the updated rfc 4646 draft?
(However, Addison is right; we did briefly consider registering 'erzgeb' as a variant of 'de' or of 'gem' before deciding to wait)
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 (I assume M. Lang wants NM because MN is taken but I think we only register region codes when a UN M.49 code becomes available with no ISO 3166 code??? or else when a 3166-1 code is created with no corresponding UN M.49 code???  Both seem like odd situations???  Someone please clarify this discussion for me; I thought we only registered variants, but it seems that the language subtag reviewer can also, in some unusual circumstances, register region codes??)
We register only ISO 3166-1 and UN M.49 codes as region subtags. If and when the designation/official organization/name for a country changes, both standards usually react fairly quickly. There is no point in trying to anticipate them. Back to the variants:  I'm fine with waiting till till  RFC 4646 is published before considering M. Vaillant's variants; (Sorry; I thought that discussion 
Recte: 4646bis.
was o.k. since we had discussed "erzgeb" while waiting for a successor of RFC 4646 ; see but of course, there will -- hopefully-- not be that long a wait for RFC 4646 & it makes sense to wait!)
Please note: ‘erzgeb’ modified an *existing* language subtag. These proposals modify subtags that themselves cannot be registered until 4646bis is official.Addison 
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